You may have tried a 'dry 30' or 'dry January' and for those of us that ALSO enjoy greener pastures we often end up partaking more heavily in our cannabis use while abstaining from the alcohol. Cannabis can be a much healthier option than alcohol, but it is recommended by cannabis-centric physicians & patient advocacy groups to take a "tolerance" or "t-break" a few times per year. I will personally be experiencing a tolerance break for the next 30 days so finish that joint and let's dive in...

I have been a proud medical cannabis patient for a few years and have enjoyed many benefits from the plant. I have used cannabis to significantly aid my anxiety, digestion, minor muscle pains- I have even used cannabis topically to improve inflammation, blemishes, and the appearance of wrinkles on my skin. Cannabis is truly amazing! Unfortunately over time the build-up of THC (active ingredient in Cannabis) in our endocannabinoid system leads to lack of efficacy, sort of like how caffeine becomes less effective when its consumed multiple times on a daily basis. You may have noticed this after a tight crunch at work or school when you're consuming a lot of coffee- this is essentially the same principle for THC.

The good news is you can easily reset your endocannabinoid system with a tolerance or "t break".


  • Improved lung function for those who smoke their cannabis.

  • Potential increase in mental clarity & self-awareness.

  • Time to re-evaluate your physical & mental health to see if you you need to make any adjustments.

  • My favorite: A heightened efficacy upon re-introduction.


There is no standard guideline for taking a tolerance break, but many professionals in medicinal cannabis recommend a 48 hour break roughly every 30 days. For myself I feel out my body and what it needs. I probably take a "t-break" once every 6 months, but have taken as many as four per year. Thats what MY BODY needs, but EVERYONE is DIFFERENT.

Generally if you are a heavier user you may take less "t-breaks", but will usually require more time to detox from the THC held in your endocannabinoid system. If you are a heavier cannabis user, especially for medicinal purposes, it is recommended you take more frequent, but shorter "t-breaks" as part of maintaining sustainable, long term cannabis therapy. "T-breaks" may not be possible for all medical patients, like cancer patients, but at least 2-21 days is usually enough to reset your system depending on how often you use. Someone who partakes once a week can probably reset themselves within two days, but there are also other factors such as, body composition and diet that can affect your detox. A heavier user can sometimes take months to COMPLETELY detox THC from their body, but often 2-3 weeks should be enough for a heavier user to at least feel the desired effects of the cannabis again.


Your body will have to adjust to the lack of THC it used to consume. It won’t come close to alcohol or drug addiction recovery. You won’t feel physical pain, shakes, or nausea, because there are no addictive compounds to cannabis, anything you’ll feel will be psychological. Some people report having more vivid, memorable dreams , but other than that you may experience some circumstantial depression and feel like things are blehhh, but after a few days, you’ll be good as new!


  • Temporarily switch to alternative or complementary therapies.

  • Use CBD instead of THC.

  • More exercise - Especially HOT YOGA.

  • Mentally-stimulating hobbies.


I will personally be engaging in this green(less) twist on a 'Dry 30' while also overlapping it with my 21 day cleanse featuring NO SUGAR, NO ALCOHOL, NO GLUTEN, & NO CAFFEINE. It will be interesting.....*nervously laughs*

You're not required to do all that cleansing at once, but you're more than welcome to join my journey! You don't even have to go 30 days without your CANNABIS! Take your cleanses and detoxes in the form that best fits your body and health. Even one day of healthful choices is better than nothing - It's all about balance folks and that looks different for everyone!

I'll be reporting back on this journey and my 21 day cleanse in a few weeks.

Stay tuned to see how it all pans out!

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