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December 13, 2019 | Elisei Rusu

"Sorry I just saw this, are you free later?" Sent at 1:27 a.m

They come in many different styles, each of them swagged out, cooler than the rest of the room. They posses a power. A sense of self. A knowing of a certain quality they were blessed with. Maybe their looks, their style, their charisma, their dick game. A dash of this, a sprinkle of that and POOF!, you have a "fuckboy." (Let's use FB for short, don't come for me Facebook.)

FB's will appear in your life, so you want to be prepared when you encounter one in the wild. Some you can spot from a mile away sipping on a vodka soda with lime, a few steps outside of their group at that moment, for they will soon grow wings and burst into a bee flying from flower to flower pollinating you with a slight touch, a smile and a complement, "I like your shirt, it really brings your eyes out."

They're Jedi masters at flirting with you. Aggressive but with the right words placing a slow mindful lick of the lips using the Force to express subtle interest. They quickly read you, playing on any interests you mention. Two warrior poses later you find yourself entangled in his trap and wondering why he's taking so long to text back.

The texts are infrequent now. You were suppose to meet up for a drink that Friday but suddenly his is stuck at the office. You still end up going out because all the anticipation and wanting has you parched. And there he is sipping on his vodka soda with lime pollinating another flower with a familiar look on his face.

You're appalled. The audacity. Holding back tears you make your escape. On the drive home Taco Bell gives you what he couldn't. Just as you make it home, "Hey I'm finally off work, are you still up?" At this moment you have a choice to get some good ole vitamin D and risk a heart break or take power back and leave him on "read." Delete his number and thank Taco Bell for being the best FB repellent.

Don't fall in the trap of a FB, you deserve someone who genuinely wants to spend time with you in daylight hours going on adventures that don't involve alcohol and sex. Deeper connections go beyond the superficial hook up and need time to flourish. Don't waste time on a FB.

Focus on being the best version of yourself by doing things you love. The energy you're radiating will come back with a love so deep it will sustain you till the person meant for you enters your life.

My only advice for a FB is to be an honest FB. Be straight up with your intentions of only wanting a good time. Make that known right away. Your victim can now consciously participate in hopes to change you or simply keep it as friends with maybe a hook up thrown in there to kill curiosity.

Always remember Newton's Third Law of Motion: For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. Regretfully, A Former FB

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